Email Banner Ad
Email Banner Ad

Email Banner Ad

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Each Email Banner Ad includes one (1) placement in our daily email newsletter in your selected market.
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  • Type: .jpg, .png, or GIF format

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*Multiple banner ad positions are available per newsletter, and your banner ad may not be in the exact position shown.

Email Banner Ad

Email Banner Ad


How It Works


The Newsletter

Across the country, we have small teams of local writers charged with creating daily email newsletters packed with everything a reader needs to know about their city.

We give our advertisers a brand safe space to reach an engaged audience in communities they serve. Our subscribers have invited us into their inbox to find out what's happening in their city, and we seamlessly integrate your messaging into our daily conversation.

  • Free daily newsletter delivered at 6 a.m.
  • Five minute read
  • Active + engaging social media channels
  • Relevant, concise, need-to-know local news + events

Why Work with Us

Trust, Relevance, Brand Safety

On a local level, we partner with the pillars of our communities, helping us build unparalleled trust with our audience.

By featuring your brand in the mix, we can package your national brand as a local staple that all the neighbors will be talking about.